Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationships

Advance Research Chemicals (USA)

Distributor of triethylamine trihydrofluoride, tetrafluoroboric acid diethyl etherate, and pyridine HF

Agrimer (France)

Exclusive North American distributor of marine products, including seaweeds, muds, and masks

Akema (Italy)

Distributor of allantoin, allantoin derivatives, and cosmetic preservatives

AMB Wellness (Formerly Agro Mayal) (Mexico)

Exclusive North American distributor of certified organic aloe ingredients

Angelini (Italy)

Representative for contract manufacturing & custom synthesis of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates & APIs

Arkema Chemicals, Inc. (France)

Exclusive distributor of Hydrazine Hydrate and Hydrazine derivitives including AZDN (AIBN), 1,2,4- Triazole and N, N-Diisopropyl Ethylamine (Heunig’s Base)

AZ Electronic Materials (Germany)

Exclusive North American distributor of printing plate chemicals

Arran Chemical Company Ltd.

Exclusive distributor of chiral amines, chiral alcohols, and custom manufactured chemicals.

B.G.R. Chemical Products (Canada)

Distributor of iodides/iodates

CRM – Clariant (France)

Distributor of natural ingredients including butters, waxes, olive derivatives and a line of certified organic products

Dead Sea Works (Israel)

Distributor of Dead Sea salts

Essentially New Zealand (NZ)

Exclusive distributor of Totarol ©

Valtris Specialty Chemical  (formerly Ineos ChlorVinyls & Tessenderlo Chemie) (Belgium)

Exclusive distributor of benzyl alcohol, benzyl chloride, benzoyl chloride, benzotrichloride, benzaldehyde, ortho-chloro-benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate and glycine

Japan Fine Chemicals (Japan Hydrazine) (Japan)

Distributor of hydrazine derivatives

Lanco S.A.

Distributor of Lanolin Anhydrous USP

Laboratoires DERPHA (France)

Exclusive North American distributor of phyto extract products for anti-aging, cell rejuvenation and detoxification, as well as a variety of cosmetic clays

Laboratoires Prod’Hyg & LETICC (France)

Exclusive North American distributor of botanic extracts and active ingredients


Exclusive distributor of diazo products

Natural Plant Products, LLC (USA)

Exclusive distributor of Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Daikon Seed Extract, recognized for its sustainably produced quality oilseed crops for the personal care and cosmetic industries.

Oat Cosmetics (Oat Services Ltd.) (UK)

Exclusive North American distributor of Oat COM (colloidal oatmeal) and oat oil

Olvea Vegetable Oils (France)

Exclusive United States distributor for virgin Argan oil and all shea ingredients including shea butter refined, silky shea, creamy shea, glossy shea, and shea oil refined

Optima Chemical (USA)

Exclusive distributor of boronic acid derivatives, custom manufactured chemicals, and agrochemical intermediates from facilities in Georgia and West Virginia

Organica (Germany)

Distributor of photographic and pharmaceutical intermediates

Palchem (France)

Distributor of organic bromides, including benzyl bromide and t-butyl bromoacetate

Panreac (Spain)

Exclusive agent for reagent grade chemicals

PPC (France)

Distributor of inorganic bromides

Robinson Brothers Ltd (UK)

Representative for contract manufacturing and custom synthesis; particular expertise in organo-sulfur chemistry and catalytic hydrogenations

Salins (France)

Distributor of European sea salts

Solvay (formerly Rhodia)

Exclusive distributor of hydroquinone, t-butyl catechol (t-BC), HQMME and derivatives including butylated hydroxy anisole (antioxidant BHA)

Spec Chem (China)

Distributor of skin lightening products and health active ingredients

Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant (Russia)

Distributor of various grades of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) as well as other antioxidant products

Tech Nature (France)

Distributor of face and body peel-off treatment masks, thermic masks, heating & exfoliating masks, specializing in the gelling process

Tennants Fine Chemicals (formerly Tessenderlo Fine Chemicals) (UK)

Exclusive distributor of amyl cinnamic aldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, decanal, diacetin, hexyl acetate, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, hexyl salicylate, monoacetin, octanal, phenyl ethyl acetate and triacetin

Ube America Inc. (USA)

Distributor of hydroxylamine sulfate

Vivimed Labs Ltd. (formerly James Robinson) (India)

Exclusive distributor of all photographic developers and antifog agents

Emerging Market Supplier Network

Charkit utilizes an extensive network of suppliers in emerging markets (China, India, Eastern Europe, etc.) augmenting our sourcing capabilities to both our customer base and our supplier network (providing them with lower cost raw materials, which enhances their competitiveness on downstream derivatives).

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