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Exclusive North American distributor of Oat COM (colloidal oatmeal) and oat oil

Exclusive North American distributor of Oat COM (colloidal oatmeal) and oat oil


Oat cosmetics offers cosmetic-grade oats to be used in various personal care and cosmetic formulations such as make up, hair care, skin care, and more. Uses of oats in personal care formulations:

  • Provide skin nourishing properties without compromising color or application in cosmetics
  • Relieve skin irritation and reduce redness
  • Promotes hair growth and scalp health
  • Gentle enough for baby care
  • Work with cleansing agents in soaps to remove sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells while nourishing and replenishing the skin

Featured Ingredients:

  • AvenaPLex: a powerful oat active, extracted from oat kernel, with reparative and renewing properties that protects the skin lipid barrier and fights against signs of ageing.
  • Oat BioBeads: made with Oat COM (advanced colloidal oatmeal), a natural, biodegradable microbead that dissolves upon contact with the skin to deliver the hydrating and skin-nourishing benefits of colloidal oatmeal
  • Aurafirm: natural oat fermented actives to improve skin health and increase skin cell turnover revealing firm, smooth, and radiant skin. Can be used in hair formulations to improve texture in wet and dry hair
  • Oat COM: an advanced colloidal oatmeal to reduce skin redness and irritation, fight off signs of skin ageing, moisturize the skin, and acts as a skin protectant to reduce TEWL
  • Oat SILK: a 100% natural, textural base that imparts a smooth and silky feel in skincare formulations and provides a brightening and mattifying effect on the skin with strict particle control and 7% lipid content, ideal for cosmetics
  • Oat Lipid: a rich, natural oil that quickly abosorbs into the skin leaving a non-greasy feel, proven non-comedogenic and reduces papules, blackheads, and skin lesions, and contains ceramides and vitamin E
  • Oat COM ORG: a certified organic version of Oat COM

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