Imaging Components

Imaging Components

Since it was first established in 1982, Charkit Chemical Company has been serving the imaging sector. Long-term alliances with exceptional manufacturers such as Vivimed (formerly James Robinson Ltd.) and Organica Feinchemie, have helped to make Charkit a global leader in specialty chemicals for the imaging market.

Charkit is at the forefront of providing new products to support digital photography and lithography. Although digital has had an impact on the demand for some imaging components, our technical service in this highly specialized area represents an important part of our capabilities.

The wide range of imaging products offered by Charkit includes:

  • Photographic: Bleaching agents, antifogging compounds, bromides, photographic intermediates, hydroquinone, Phenidones, nitrates, fixing agents, chelating agents, sensitizing dyes, developing agents for color and black and white, speed controlling agents
  • Lithographic: Diazo polymers, acetal polymers, polyvinyl phosphonic acid, CTP dyes, pigments and dyes
  • Screen printing: Diazo polymers, water-soluble photopolymers, photoinitiators
  • Photoresist: Sensitizing agents, photo-acid generators

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