Charkit provides custom synthesis capabilities, contract manufacturing of APIs, and advanced intermediates to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Charkit’s pharmaceutical resources are comprised of a worldwide supplier network enhanced by an exclusive agreement with Optima Chemical Group LLC.


Substantial resources are dedicated to process development and contract manufacturing. Some of our core technologies include: low temperature reactions (to -70 °C), high temperature reactions (to 250 °C), organometallic reactions (including Grignard chemistry and alkali metal reactions), solvent free reactions, phase transfer catalysis, polymer extractions, hydrogen peroxide chemistry, hydrazine handling and derivatives, chiral chemistry (asymmetric synthesis, resolutions, asymmetric building blocks), and silylation.


Our manufacturers’ facilities feature cGMP manufacturing, FDA inspected pilot plants and commercial scale equipment, as well as an FDA inspected kilo lab.


We can also offer support services such as polymorph analysis and determination, method validation, critical parameter studies, stability studies, etc. which provide added value to many of our pharmaceutical partners.


At Charkit we have the experience to work with the hazardous materials that are key components of water treatment processes. Over the years, the need for water treatment chemicals has greatly expanded and Charkit has been in step with the many changes in guidelines and packaging options, including the availability of reusable totes for hydrazine.


Suzuki Coupling technology, a popular tool in pharmaceutical synthesis, utilizes boronic acid derivatives as the key starting material. Optima produces over 150 derivatives from lab to commercial scale to support this growing technology platform. Some of these derivatives include:

  • Phenylboronic acid
  • Formyl phenylboronic acids
  • n-Butyl boronic acid
  • n-Hexyl boronic acid
  • Carboxy phenylboronic acids
  • Fluoro phenylboronic acids
  • Furanboronic acids
  • Methoxy phenylboronic acids
  • Tolylboronic acids
  • Chloro phenylboronic acids
  • 4-(methylthio)phenylboronic acid
  • Napthaleneboronic acids
  • Nitro phenylboronic acids
  • Thiopheneboronic acids

Extensive lines of excipients, reagents, and other intermediates that have pharmaceutical applications are also available through Charkit. You can find a list of our key suppliers and their product areas in the Supplier Relationships section of our website.

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