Flavor & Fragrance

Flavor & Fragrance

A wide range of natural, naturally derived and synthetic flavor & fragrance ingredients are available from Charkit. Manufacturers of diverse products ranging from household detergents to fine perfumes use fragrance compounds containing Charkit’s fragrance ingredients and aroma chemicals. Manufacturers of foods, beverages and a full range of personal care products also rely on Charkit for a myriad of specialty products and commonly used ingredients.

  • Charkit acts as the exclusive NAFTA sales, marketing, and distribution arm of Tennants Fine Chemicals, the world’s largest producer of hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, benzyl acetate, and other key aroma chemicals

  • Strategic products from Ineos include benzyl alcohol and benzaldehyde

  • Through its global relationships with specialty manufacturers, Charkit offers a wide range of high impact aroma chemicals for exceptional savory, sweet and citrus notes

  • Citrus enhancers, acetyl theomenthone and natural and synthetic thiomenthone offer Charkit customers’ viable citrus options when natural grapefruit oil is not readily available

In addition to the products available through the relationships with Ineos and Tennants, Charkit is also importing sizeable quantities of other aroma chemicals from the emerging markets of China and India. Keep in mind that Charkit has the capability to source any flavor & fragrance product that is of interest to the customer - whether it is in our existing catalog of products or not.

Charkit also supplies pyrazines (natural and synthetic) and sulphur compounds (natural and synthetic) which are used for notes such as; fruity, tropical, meaty, cocoa, dairy, and alliaceous, as well as other flavors.

When dealing with food ingredients for food processors; Charkit provides a substantial selection of food ingredients for manufacturers of prepared foods in a multitude of segments. These include but are not exclusive to: gums, resins, vegetable hydrolyzed proteins, acetates, citrates, gluconates, iodates, lactates, preserving agents, specialty oils as well as sulfates and intermediates, among others.

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