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Charkit Chemical Company.

Since 1982, Charkit has been a leader in adapting to the ever growing and changing needs of the chemical industry. Whether it’s components, ingredients or raw materials; Charkit will always help you succeed. We focus on continuous communication with our customers to anticipate requirements and solve issues, from the order placement to the delivery cycle; all of which contributes to Charkit’s standard as a world class sales organization.

No matter how you manufacture your products or manage your inventory; Charkit will be there for you. With flexible resources in 24 locations we guarantee to supply, store and move products with integrity as well as in a punctual and meticulous manner.

Supplier of Flavor and Fragrance Products

Flavor and Fragrance

Natural, naturally derived and synthetic flavor and fragrance ingredients for foods, beverages, fine fragrances, personal care, household and industrial applications.

Products : Alcohols , Alydehydes , Developing Agents , Esters , Aroma Chemicals , Furans , Heterocyclics , Lactones , Natural Products , Preserving Agents , Sulfates / Sulfites / Phosphates / Carbonates , Sulphur Compounds , Toluene Derivatives , Flavor & Fragrance Miscellaneous

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Supplier of Hydrazine Products

Hydrazine Products

Hydrazine-based chemicals supported by a hydrazine savvy technical team, experienced and knowledgeable about safe use levels in diverse applications.

Products : Blowing agents , Precious metal recovery , Oxygen scavenging , Pharmaceutical intermediates , Photographic intermediates , Thin film transistors for LCDs , Coatings , Starting points for energetic chemistry , Herbicides and fungicides

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Supplier of Imaging Components

Imaging Components

Digital photography components, diazo polymers, developing agents and chelating agents are among the products that make Charkit an exemplary provider to the imaging industry.

Lithographic, Screen printing, Photoresist : Photoresist Compounds , Diazo Polymers , Acetal Polymers , Polyvinyl Phosphonic Acid , CTP Dyes , Hydroquinone , Pigments and Dyes , Diazo Polymers , Water-Soluble Photopolymers , Photoinitiators , Sensitizing Agents , Photo-Acid Generators

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Supplier of Metal Treatment & Electronics Chemical Products

metal treatment & electronics

For decades, Charkit has been providing corrosion inhibitors, leveling agents, hydrazine, sensitizing agents, Diazo chemistry and technical raw materials.

For decades, Charkit has been providing corrosion inhibitors , leveling agents , hydrazine , sensitizing agents , Diazo chemistry and technical raw materials.

Products: Corrosion Inhibitors , Leveling Agents , Hydrazine and Hydrazine Derivatives for Precious Metal Recovery , Sensitizing Agents, Diazo Chemistry

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Supplier of Nutrition Ingredients


Charkit has assembled a wide range of nutraceutical ingredients that are known for their ability to provide wellness attributes.

Products : Amino Acids , B Vitamins , Nutritional Supplements , Herbals , Botanicals , Specialty Chemicals , Dietary Supplement , Pet , Functional Food , Nutraceutical

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Supplier of Personal Care Chemicals

Personal Care

All the high performance personal care ingredients you need, from steady supplies of traditional offerings to exotic specialties.

Products : Aloe Vera / Concentrates , Botanical Actives / Extracts , Butters / Waxes , Colloidal Oatmeal / Oat Oil , Essential Oils , Lanolin / Lanolin Derivatives , Nutritional , Personal Care / Preservatives , PolyQuats / Quats , Sea Salts , Skin Lighteners / Whiteners / Tanning Agents , Skin Treatment , Specialty / Natural / Vegetable Oils , Sulfates / Sulfites / Phosphates / Carbonates , Personal Care Miscellaneous

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Supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API products


Custom synthesis, API manufacturing and advanced intermediates through Charkit’s global network of quality suppliers and exclusive agreements with Arran in Ireland and Optima in the USA.

Products : Boronic Acid Derivatives , Phenylboronic Acid , Formyl Phenylboronic Acids , n-Butyl Boronic Acid , n-Hexyl Boronic Acid , Carboxy Phenylboronic Acids , Fluoro Phenylboronic Acids , Furanboronic Acids , Methoxy Phenylboronic Acids , Tolylboronic Acids , Chloro Phenylboronic Acids , 4(Methylthio)Phenylboronic Acid , Nitro Phenylboronic Acids , Thiopheneboronic Acids , Excipients , Reagents , Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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Supplier of Water Treatment Chemical Products

water treatment

Water treatment chemicals for power companies, nuclear energy providers, cogeneration suppliers and steam generators.

Products : Hydrazine Hydrate , Carbohydrazide , Bromine Chemicals , Sulfites

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