Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1982 by Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Company offers a substantial list of products serving a wide variety of markets. We are proud to serve industries such as personal care, pharmaceutical, industrial, nutritional, metal and water treatment, imaging, flavor & fragrance, aroma, as well as many others. While we are proud to celebrate our 35th anniversary in 2017, we are not satisfied with past success. We continue to grow by looking for new ways to serve our customers, whether that means new products and markets, or more effective and efficient customer service.

Charkit maintains many domestic and worldwide supplier relationships, enabling the company to provide some of the newest, most technologically advanced solutions in overcoming product development challenges. A Charkit team of technical and marketing experts is available to assist customers, starting with the most effective sourcing through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution services across the nation. Charkit is in a unique position to source the most sought-after and most rare specialty chemicals, with the added assurance that these can be supplied at the greatest cost efficiency in the quantity that is required.

Charkit’s adherence to quality practices is evident in its participation in the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and the Responsible Distribution (RD) process. The largely unique process calls for third party verification requirements as well as compliance to measures that ensure low toxic emissions, low worker casualties, and fewer lost days. As a company, Charkit also must have low insurance premiums and outstanding relationships with customers, regulators, legislators and local communities to comply with the policy’s outline.

Charkit Chemical’s relationship with Optima Chemical Group LLC, Douglas, Georgia, enables us to offer exemplary custom manufacturing and contract manufacturing services. Optima's full service custom synthesis program and strength in custom / toll manufacturing perfectly complement these capabilities. Optima brings a well-established leadership in boronic acid derivatives that allows Charkit to meet the demands of modified Suzuki coupling reactions, so crucial in drug discovery processes. Further, Optima’s expansion to facilities in Belle, West Virginia, allows the company to offer agricultural intermediates.  Both sites will work with customers from product development through manufacturing.

From the very beginning, Charkit built a reputation as a leading provider of unique specialty chemicals. Over the years, the company expanded its capabilities to become a notable provider of high performance ingredients. Today, Charkit is recognized as a leading ingredient supplier to the markets we serve, as well as being a source for product development, manufacturing, and warehouse and distribution solutions.

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