Contract Manufacturing  

Charkit Chemical Corporation's affiliates, Arran Chemical Company and Optima Chemical Group, enable Charkit to offer exceptional custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services.


Arran Chemical Company

Located in Ireland about two hours by car from the Dublin airport, Arran offers more than 20 years experience in manufacturing chiral amines and other chiral synthons. Its broad product range includes a range of pharmaceutical intermediates. Manufacturing technology features advanced methods of resolution, chiral pool synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and a combination of these approaches.

Sophisticated pilot plant and laboratory facilities are part of Arran’s comprehensive production resources available through Charkit. For more information, visit

Arran is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards, has a Safety Management System in place, and adheres to the Responsible Care Program. The facility and systems are regularly audited by customers and by the various regulatory authorities, and your inspection/visit is welcomed.

Optima Chemical Group LLC
Optima Chemical Group LLC is located at a 10-acre site in Douglas, Georgia. Founded in 1997, the company’s Research and Development, Manufacturing and Warehousing facilities serve as a substantial source for custom/toll manufacturing and boronic acid derivatives. It is Optima’s growing line of boronic acid derivatives that distinguish Optima in meeting the demands of the modified Suzuki coupling reaction, so crucial in drug discovery processes.

A full service custom synthesis program from Optima through Charkit includes: addition reactions, alcoholysis, alkylation, benzoylations, boronations, condensations, coupling, cyclizations, dehydrogenations, etherification, specialty Grignard reagents, hydrolyses, organosilane chemistry, polymerization, rearrangements, reduction, saponifications, and transesterifications.

For more information, visit

Optima has met the requirements for Tier III in ChemStewards, SOCMA’s program for Environmental, Health, Safety, & Security systems. Tier III is the highest level in the program. For details, see the press release.

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